Applications & Enrollment

Enrollment Process for all CHOICE Programs (including online options for 2021-2022, grades 7-12)

  1. Drop off your application at CHOICE (807 W. Pine Street), Shelton, WA 98584, or e-mail your application to our registrar, Becky Story, at
  2.  Once the application is received, a placement meeting will be set up with the building counselor to determine which program is the most appropriate for you. This meeting should be attended by the student and their guardians. If the student is an unaccompanied minor, they may bring any supportive adult, or the McKinney-Vento liaison, to this meeting. Adult students may attend on their own. **Given the current pandemic, these meetings may be held by phone or video conference, and it may take some time for us to get them set up.
  3.  At the placement meeting, student academic and behavioral history will be discussed, as well as the desired program. Special circumstances such as student health issues, employment, and parenting will also be taken into consideration. At the meeting, the administrator/counselor will make a program recommendation, then the following steps will occur:
    1. The student will be set up with an initial check-in appointment with the appropriate program teacher. This will be approximately a one hour appointment where the student, parent/guardian, and teacher will go over paperwork, program expectations, and set up the student’s individualized Written Student Learning Plan.
    2. The student will be given a start date for classes, and will be officially enrolled at CHOICE.
  4.  The goal is to enroll all students within one week of their submission of an application, however special circumstances may result in a delay of this process.  As of 9-1-2021, we do have a waitlist for all programs, but please drop off an application, and we can let you know how long it might take for us to have an opening. 

For questions, please email
Becky Story,