Mission & Vision

Mission: CHOICE will provide a safe, supportive educational environment for each student. We will help all students achieve personal and academic success so they can transition to higher education or to the workplace, and become informed, productive citizens.

Vision: At CHOICE, we envision our school to be a safe, respectful environment where:

  • Our students take responsibility for their education by rising to the challenge of rigorous, relevant curriculum and they consistently produce quality work as assessed by both their learning community and through self-evaluation

  • Our staff members are compassionate individuals who model mutual respect, provide high-quality instruction, inspire students to do their best, recognize achievements, and give the students the support they need to achieve their academic goals

  • Our surrounding community recognizes the accomplishments of our students, and partners with us to make a positive impact on the young people of Mason County

Motto: Respect Yourself and the Rights of Others

Still We Rise: Like Phoenixes From the Ashes, We Reconnect


Black and Purple

CHOICE Community Agreements:
Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Appreciations and No Put Downs, Right to Choose Your Level of Participation.