ASB Elections

Elections procedures:

We will be accepting nominations through Thursday, April 16th, at 2:30 p.m. Once the nominations have been reviewed by staff, the candidates who qualify will be contacted on Friday, to see if they accept the nomination.

All candidates will then have one week to run a campaign, which may include putting up posters in person or virtually. Candidates may not provide incentives to students to secure their vote (in other words, no bribing people with candy, money, or other goods). Candidates will also be provided with a list of questions that they will have to answer, at a school assembly, on Zoom. The assembly will most likely be held on Friday, April 16th. After the assembly, students will vote for their representatives. The winners will be announced that day.

To nominate a student for an office, please fill out the survey below. You may nominate yourself. Note: students will only qualify to run for election if they are currently in Good Standing academically as defined by their advisor.

You may submit the survey more than once, if you want to nominate more than one person.

ASB Nomination Form Link