After School Activity Bus

Welcome to our community busing opportunity. We are proud to be able to offer a transportation opportunity for students and general public. This is made available by a partnership between Mason Transit Authority and Shelton School District. During the activity bus time, the general public is allowed on the buses as well as groceries, babies, and anyone who behaves. The drivers are in contact with MTA dispatch and if anyone causes problems they can let them off of the bus. We provide this as a service for our students.

In an effort to be able to serve all who wish to take advantage of this service, we have become more flexible with our schedule. We can stop at any safe place along the scheduled route. If you need to go to another destination that is not along the listed routes, please call Mason Transit at 427-5033 prior to the bus pick up time and they will let our driver know your destination. These buses only run on school days. Please follow all MTA rules and regulations while riding the bus.

Please understand that our school bus drivers aren't allowed to use their red lights and usual unloading techniques. They must find a safe place to pull completely off the roadway to disembark passengers. This may limit how close to your destination that the bus can go.

We hope you enjoy your ride with us.

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