Applications & Enrollment

Enrollment Process for all CHOICE Programs

CHOICE School is an alternative school open to all students, grades 7 - 12, in the Shelton School District. As an alternative school, we operate by some different policies than other schools, based on state law and district policy. In order to enroll at CHOICE, students and parents must complete an orientation process and complete an enrollment agreement. To keep our class sizes small, we will have a wait list when certain programs are full. 

1. Turn in a paper application to CHOICE School (see options to download below), or click on this link to apply online: CHOICE Application - English 

2. If the student or family would like an informational meeting with a staff member, let our secretary know and they will schedule a meeting, through Zoom or in person, with our counselor or principal. 

3. Once the application is received, the student will be assigned the next available orientation. The student needs to complete orientation, and then they will meet with their advisor to set up classes for the placement meeting.

4. At the placement meeting, student academic goals, graduation credits,  and career goals will be discussed. The student will receive a schedule, and will go over their Written Student Learning Plan.

5. The student will be given a start date for classes, and will be officially enrolled at CHOICE.

6. Students should continue attending at their current school until they officially start classes at CHOICE.

7. If a student has special circumstances (currently not enrolled anywhere, dealing with housing instability, has special needs, etc.) please inform the secretary so we can set up a meeting prior to orientation and evaluate if we need to enroll them more quickly than usual.

For questions, please email
Becky Story, [email protected]