Back to School Information for CHOICE

Back to School Information

Here are a few pieces of information for the start of the school year:

School starts this year on September 1st. At CHOICE, the first week is spent with each student having a check-in meeting with their advisor. These meetings will be scheduled for one hour, and students/guardians must attend in order to begin classes the following week (meetings may be held virtually if needed). Students will ONLY attend for the one hour this week; regular classes and student transportation will start the following week (Tuesday, September 7th). You can expect to receive a phone call or an email by Tuesday, August 31st from your student’s advisor or a secretary, to set up a time. Please let us know, at that time, if you prefer in person or Zoom.

During this meeting, the advisor will set up an individualized written student learning plan for each student. Graduation requirements, current credits, and individual circumstances/needs will be reviewed by the team (teacher, student, and guardian), and then a class schedule will be built . Most students will attend school full days, from 7:45 - 2:05, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesdays are reserved for teacher planning, but students may work on their courses remotely. Regular classes will begin on Tuesday, September 7th. 
Click below to read the full summer welcome letter:
Summer student letter 2021-2022.docx
Summer student letter 2021-2022 spanish.docx